Telling stories has been a passion for me ever since. The fascination of creating characters, atmospheres, ambiences and even whole worlds is something very special in being creative.

A lot of people have been asking how I could have switched from theology to directing; well, these fields are not that far from each other. In fact, motion pictures do have a lot in common with religious spectacles as well as liturgy follows the same dramaturgical rules as movies do.
Since man has discovered fire, we’ve been sitting around it and telling stories, creating pictures in the heads of the listeners; and we’ve developed countless plays to show them stories of love and hate, joy and pity, adventures of heroes and the common man.

It is about inspiring people, no matter wether you tell a story in 30 seconds ore in a 100 minutes. If you’ve put it right you are bestowing great joy on people.

And that’s what I love doing.


Gerd Schneider: About The Reverend


I was born in 1974 in South-Westphalia not far from Cologne - the famous Cathedral’s shadow almost scratching my cradle. Maybe it was that or rather the early love to spectacle and play that initially put the idea in my head to take the cloth. So, in 1993 I started my studies in theology - that’s what got me the nickname ‘The Reverend’.

Admittedly some of those notorious ‘limitations’ linked to the job convinced me to try something more suitable. So I completed theology with degree - finish a job before you walk away - and followed another passion that has always been lingering in the back of my mind: motion pictures.

After being part in several film productions I started my studies in directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. In 2007 I graduated with the documentary ‘The Edge Of Hope’ which was shot in Palestine featuring an Al-Jazeera camera operator doing his job.

Since then I am working as a writer and director for shorts and commercials and directed my first feature for the screen in 2014, ‘The Culpable’ (ger. ‘Verfehlung’, see theatrical trailer). It premiered at the Max Ophüls Festival in January 2015 and took its theatrical release in March of the same year.

Currently I am living in Stuttgart and Berlin.


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Gerhard Schneider
Wagenburgstraße 1
70184 Stuttgart


Telefon: +491638417440
E-Mail: reverendschneider@web.de


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